Content marketing workshops for your company

With our practical workshops and seminars, we prepare you and your company for the content marketing upturn. We advise and instruct you in order to gradually build up your company’s know-how. Today, corporate communications simply cannot function without content marketing. However, few know how to do it well. A coherent approach and methodical implementation are prerequisites to fully benefit from all content marketing advantages. The strategy has to be perfectly tailored to your enterprise, product, or service – and for your target group.

Your consultants: Miriam Berneike (CEO) & Deliana Czech-Toschmakov (CEO

Individual seminars: tips and tricks for your content marketing

Would you like to know about strategies of content marketing and the potential for your company? Or are you already practicing content marketing activities that you would like to strengthen in order to reach more customers? Do you want to intensify your competences in certain fields, for example social media marketing? We develop an individual workshop according to your needs and interests. Visit our content marketing agency in Berlin or contact us if you would like to set up an individualized, in-house seminar for your company!

Content marketing workshops: reach your target group

Do you want to reach new audiences and extend your presence on the web via content marketing? If so, our content marketing workshop is the right place for you. We show you the details of all relevant content marketing stages, from target group identification, to the right content, to seeding activities.
The result is a full strategy that offers great chances of success. Moreover, it is an adaptive system: through monitoring and documentation, you can measure the success of each content marketing activity and draw conclusions for ongoing success stories. You also get to know your audience more closely, so that you can form long-term contacts for mutual benefits.

Features of the workshop include analysis of your strategy, identification of the target group, determination of your key messages, and definition of your goals. We thus establish the conditions of success for your innovative content marketing:

  • Content planning: format and content
  • Content development: tone, elements (multi media), instruments (e.g., story telling)
  • Seeding: choice of media, channels, and content

Who will benefit from this workshop?

  • SME owners and marketing managers
  • Marketing managers of groups, online portals, and SME
  • Content marketing managers
  • Editorial and PR staff
  • Social media managers

Workshop: “writing for the web” (editorial training)

Journalists are facing the challenges of the digital era. Because of the online information overload, editorial content must be perfectly tailored to the target group while meeting the spirit of the times and satisfying users’ need for information. However, online content also needs to be found, appearing in the very first results of the search engines. Our workshop “writing for the web” is dedicated to teaching you the necessary skills to produce and publish search engine optimized content.

Features of the workshop include analysis of text from the perspective of Google, keyword research, usage of relevant online tools, and writing of meta-data, as well as several other aspects of publication.

Who will benefit from this workshop?

  • Content marketing managers
  • Online editors
  • PR staff
  • Content managers

Social media workshop: communication always on the pulse of the times

Social media has its own specific rules, also when it comes to corporate communication. Our workshop prepares you for these new communicative challenges. You learn how to make use of various social media platforms by finding the right tone to address crowds on Facebook and Twitter. Social networks allow you to communicate directly with your target group. Today, interaction with social media influencers is highly relevant. These influencers define current tastes, trends, and companies’ images – and control the buying behavior of target groups.

This workshop is designed to meet different needs within companies. The following social media networks can be part of the seminar: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, XING. We determine the networks that best suit your companies’ target, and those that offer the best chances. Thanks to our expertise, we develop a consistent social media strategy to help your enterprise amplify its reach. Social media monitoring is also a feature of the workshop, so that you can measure and adapt your strategy on the basis of successful activities.

Who will benefit from this workshop?

  • Content marketing managers
  • Social media manager
  • Seeding managers


Our workshop portfolio:

  • Workshops based on individual training needs
  • Content marketing know-how
  • Competence development for content strategy and content development
  • Practical training, analysis of case studies
  • Continuous optimization and guidance of your content marketing activities, if desired