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Content marketing sets your company ahead of the game

We are textbest: A content agency, content marketing agency, and web agency. Our experienced team is made up of online editors, project managers, a graphic designer, and a proofreader – Together we create your content marketing in-house. Our customer base ranges from online portals and shops, to big industry and IT companies, to SMEs and Startups – and to you!

This is how we increase your online presence and target your desired audience: By providing high-quality content for your website and social media channels (Owned Media), and for external press portals (Earned Media), as well as for advertisements and sponsored posts (Paid Media).

Even one user-friendly and search machine-optimized blog entry per week can multiply your number of online visitors.

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Content should be meaningful and useful!

Imagine this: Google is used billions of times daily. The search results are quickly consumed by the reader and the first seconds of search count the most. How can your website overcome this overflow of information, convince your audience, and make conversions? Content marketing is the answer to finding your target audience – Useful, targeted content will result in a greater search presence, stronger brand awareness and a proven return on investment.

The target group in focus

As your content marketing agency, our first and foremost goal is to determine and define your target group. When this group is defined, only then can we begin to generate content that hits the target.
The only way to know what you should talk about in any marketing campaign is to know who you are talking to and what they want to know. What does their search behavior look like?

The customer has a wide range of needs throughout their customer journey. Often their journey begins with looking at trends – Fashion or the latest software solution – to get an overview. This is where the information gathering begins for you; the next step is to publish a White Paper or a How-to video, telling the customer exactly what it is you are offering.

Which formats work best in Content-Marketing?

Content-Marketing is multi-faceted and should always consist of a wide range of content formats. Which content is the best fit depends on a lot of different factors, for example: Which stage is the customer in on their journey? Which group is being targeted? Which problem in particular is being solved?

Content will remain the leading Medium

In the age of search engine content, your customers expect valuable and user-friendly content. There should be a custom-fit text for each customer category – from a product description of an online store; blog entry; to a product manual with step-by-step instructions.

Pictures as visual anchors

Pictures are one of the best additions to written content. They have a great impact on customer reach, engagement, and sales.

Graphics capture your content

Whether entertaining or informative, graphics serve to simplify complex content quickly and effectively.

Videos for simplified communication

In the fast-paced age of the worldwide web, video imagery such as tutorials, explanatory videos, DIY-videos, etc., have become powerful tools for companies looking to communicate more easily with their readers.

From content marketing to ROI in three steps

The following success indicators can help determine the measurable ROI of your content marketing:

1. Success indicators: The Website

  • Website traffic
  • Length user stays on a page
  • Ranking with relevant keywords
  • Number of visits per page
  • Return users
  • Backlinks

2. Success indicators: Social-Media-Channels

  • Likes
  • Shares
  • Comments
  • Coverage of target group

3. Success indicators: Conversions

Based on these numbers, we can draw conclusions and calculate the conversion rate, which refers to the percentage of users who take a desired action and become customers. This can be measured with a good monitoring process.

Measuring creative output

There is no algorithm out there that will ever be able to replace creative content. Yet at the same time, we require technology to enable the success of creative content, to help us reach our target groups and understand their wants and needs. Once we know this, we can effectively communicate with the right user group. As your content marketing agency, we support you throughout the entire process and will gladly help you reach your business goals.

Learn more about our working style on the textbest-principles page. We would be happy to set up a phone call or meet you in person to share our content marketing ideas to help your business succeed.