Here, we have collected the answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Should you be interested in our services, you are cordially invited to contact us via email or via our contact form and describe your request. We will then draw up a noncommittal proposal on the basis of your demands. Bigger projects usually require a personal consultation, during which we can discuss your request and cooperation options. Based on these results, we will draw up an individual proposal.
This is one of our most heard questions – but there is no universally valid answer for it. The breadth and extent of any individual content marketing action strongly varies with regard to the specific content strategy behind it. For example: If you are planning to establish a blog for your business, you will be facing a high conceptual and editorial effort. This effort is a lot higher than the one you would have to show, if your blog was already existing and only needed an upgrade and maintenance. How much content marketing really costs does strongly depend on the services you need. Please contact us – it’s free!
Yes and no. All our content marketing concepts pursue a certain, clearly defined goal and are thereby set out for success. We do not offer any randomly chosen actions, but explain which marketing action is needed for a certain content strategy and which benefits it holds. Nevertheless, we cannot give prognoses on the development of certain key figures, like turnover figures, attendance figures or ROI.
Thanks to our team and our strong partner network, we bundle competences in various thematic fields of expertise. We mainly collaborate with business internal writers, which ensures a constant high standard of quality, especially with regard to text based content. Furthermore, we put a lot of effort into intensive customer care in order to get a good insight into the business, its communication strategy and its corporate philosophy. We established an internal editorial office in order to ensure that our content constantly meets our high level of standard with regard to language and style. All texts provided by textbest are read according to the dual control principle and are optimized accordingly.
The answer to this question also highly depends on the breadth and extent of your request. A set number of web texts can be delivered within a couple of days. The design of a content strategy, however, takes more time. In case your request includes the design of other content formats like graphics or 3D-photographs besides the text based content, completing the order might take even more time. More precise answers can be given when you directly contact us and describe your request.
In order to be able to create high-quality content, which matches your business or online presence, we need detailed information on the order. For text based content, the following information should be considered when briefing the agency:

  • Type of text (e.g. news, web text, product description, advisory text)
  • Information about your target group
  • Intention of text
  • Direct address of reader possible or wanted
  • Call-to-Action
  • Length of text
  • Where is the text being published?
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