Press Releases on the Web: Singularity beats Boredom

Publishing press releases used to be part of the PR work of businesses. It was used to share information with journalists and was targeted towards a positive acknowledgement in the specialized media. Nowadays, current business developments become more important for content marketing and online PR, because they have a new goal: to increase customer acquisition and retention through quality content. Since the World Wide Web has outpaced the print media, most press releases are sent out electronically. Thereby, they reach more recipients and increases the range of the news published. This holds a number of advantages:

  • More potential readers
  • Worldwide access
  • More visibility through search engines

This increased freedom creates new tasks for the writers of press releases. More than ever, the release’s content has to be adapted to the needs of your customers and partners, in order to guarantee the recipient’s satisfaction. Because in the online world, press texts can easily be moved into the “recycle bin” or put on the rear places in a search engine ranking if they are boring, implausible or poorly phrased.

  • Generation of regular unique press texts
  • Content strategies, editorial plans and target group-appropriate storytelling
  • Design of your press releases in cooperation with our graphic designers and distribution on the Social Web

A strong Mission Statement strengthens good Content

It is absolutely essential to set a concrete goal before writing a press release. Whether it’s a short statement, a detailed announcement or a monthly newsletter, the internet provides a wide distribution for a big number of recipients. This requires the press text to be aligned to the internal business objectives. What could those be?

  • Do you want to inform your existing customers or partners about changes within your business?
  • Do you want to win new customers?
  • Do you want to improve your Google ranking?
  • Do you want to excite website visitors for your business?
  • Do you want to establish new contacts?
  • Do you want to display your expertise?
  • Do you want to build an emotional customer-business-relationship?
  • Do you want to increase your business’s level of awareness?

Once you have set your business internal goals, the press text can be adjusted accordingly. Every goal has a specific target group and possible reference person, which will have certain expectations towards your press statement. The more you match those expectations, the faster you will reach your business goals.

We don’t have the Time for boring News

Press releases which are taken from the office routine and spread online without having been adjusted to a specific target group won’t be able to generate new customers or to retain business partners. Sales figures and news about the development within Human Resources are not enough to emotionally touch your website visitors. Instead of providing trustworthy, interesting and entertaining content, some PR departments tend to keep the effort low and thereby ignore the needs of the users – as long as some content is being created. Nevertheless, there is only one thing that counts for the internet user: Quality, not quantity.

Content, Content, Content!

Press releases are often used to make a business’ mission statement come to life, give a voice to the people behind the brand and to create interesting, emotional content, which excites customers and partners. The choice of topics is almost endless:

  • Business News
  • Presentation of new employees
  • Professional articles
  • Presentation of new products or services
  • Market developments which are relevant for the business
  • Dates and Events
  • Presentation of social commitments
  • Product tests, tips and guidelines which are relevant for the target group

One thing should be clear, though: Press texts are no advertising spaces! They serve to create substantial content and not to sell fluffy pillows. Therefore, a professional style of writing should always be maintained. Here, high-class phrasings and credible reports are the be-all and end-all.

The fast pace of the 21st century makes it necessary to fill web texts with good content which is currently relevant and in the best cases even optimized for search engines. Therefore, press statements are getting shorter, are filled with good information and news, and should be published as regularly as possible. What internet users want to find is captivating storytelling, thrilling headlines and unique content – and this is what they should be given.

Good Press Texts reach more than just the User

Once the strategy and the content of the press release is set, it can be released into the World Wide Web. It can be incorporated into

  • an e-mail,
  • a newsletter,
  • the current news on the website,
  • the website category “Press Releases” or
  • a personal letter.

The statement’s content will be visible for all users immediately. The more the content match your target group’s expectations, the easier the press text will reach its goal. Whether it is to build customer retention, providing information or presenting expertise – the better the content, the better the prospects of success. Besides emotional and cognitive success, press texts can create more benefits:

  • Excited customers and partners will spread your content
  • The number of visitors on your website will increase
  • Your sales figures will increase
  • Your Google ranking will improve
  • Your brand is strengthened
  • Your business gains visibility and publicity
  • Your business’ expertise is made visible