Online PR, blogger relations, and influencer marketing

No content marketing activity would be complete without online public relations. What use is the best press release if it cannot be found and read online? The internet and social networks have become the most significant information and sales channels. This is why we have focused on a comprehensive content marketing approach, making your company and service more visible to users and potential customers. With customized online PR, we help you to increase brand awareness and build your positive image.

  • Development of a content strategy and public relations plans
  • Content creation of texts and press releases
  • Elaboration of a seeding concept, including social media and online PR activities
  • Press work and public relations
  • Influencer identification, search for partners and bloggers
  • Creation of blog posts and content development for sponsored posts

At textbest, we combine profound content marketing know-how with cutting-edge content that encourages people to click, interact, buy, and share. With your target audience in mind, we define a communication strategy to meet your marketing goals. With press releases, blog posts, sponsored posts, or other online PR mechanisms, we develop the most effective online PR strategy for you and find the most valuable contacts for long-term relationships.

Due to the digital transformation, classic PR mechanisms are no longer sufficient. Today, you have to reach bloggers, influencers, and YouTubers, or find brand ambassadors on the web to reach the critical masses and widen your popularity. textbest helps you find opinion leaders and multipliers in order to amplify your reach and trigger awareness of products, brands, and/or your company.

Dealing with bloggers and different types of influencers

textbest not only knows how classical press and public relations work, we also know how to contact and handle bloggers and influencers. Blogger relations focus on long-term connections and the building of a sustainable, positive online reputation.
Finding the right tone when contacting bloggers is crucial. Simply sending out press releases to a mailing list of contacts does not work here. On the contrary, personal contact and dedication to the specific blog make the difference for successful online and blogger PR.

Advantages of high-impact PR measures:

  • Fostering online visibility through effective measures like blog posts, sponsored posts, PR activities, or sweepstakes
  • Brand awareness through long-lasting blogger and influencer marketing
  • Social media and community management for direct access to the target group