E-Books and White Papers

E-books and white papers are important tools in content marketing. They cover specific topics and questions and give publishers the opportunity to present knowledge and expertise. Whether it is a professional essay or an advisory guide, there are many different publication options, depending on the target groups. textbest supports you during the process of the conception and development of your e-book or white paper, as well as during the content production (including text and pictures) and distribution.

Goals and Benefits

The objectives of your publication are important criteria for the conception and the focus of your e-book or white paper. They can fulfill numerous different purposes:

  • Positioning on the market
  • Creation and strengthening of a brand
  • Development of expert status
  • Individualisation
  • Lead generation, lead qualification and customer retention
  • Development of internal corporate identity
  • Conceptualization and outlining, including the orientation towards your target group
  • Topic and content research
  • Content production (texts and pictures), including editorial services
  • Formatting and design of cover
  • Marketing and sales

Content and Focus

E-book and white paper marketing is suited to reach interested parties, customers, partners and your staff online. Whatever you would like to present, e-books and white papers offer sufficient room and the right framework for:

  • the launch of a new product, manufacturing process or service
  • development of solutions for current requirements
  • studies, analyses or market research findings
  • tutorials for users
  • manuals and handbooks
  • anniversaries or other milestones
  • social commitment and charitable activities
  • events, seminars and workshops

Due to their versatility, e-books and white papers can be published in various designs, yet always match your communication objectives and your individual target group. Non-fictional texts and advisory texts focus on the whole public, while specialized texts are content- and language-wise designed for a specific audience. Chronicles and biographies document your business history, while work books and handbooks rather qualify as supporting instruments for consultants, coaches and seminar providers.

Strengths of the E-Book and White Paper Marketing

There are many benefits of using e-books and white papers as communication instruments:

Added Value

E-books and white papers stand out because they focus on providing information and clarification for readers as well as on the transfer of expertise. Thereby, they offer a clear added value due to their specific value. Based on their complex character, e-books and white papers offer room for detailed depiction of specific issues and allow a thorough consultation of the users in need of guidance. They are also suited for a more entertaining alignment of content (infotainment).

[Marketing your Competence

In an e-book or white paper, you can give proof of your expertise, and present solutions for specific problems and requests. This effect can be increased by a regularly published series: This enhances your expert status even further, creates customer retention and proves that current events and developments are included in the publication. Furthermore, e-books and white papers hold special benefits for service contractors because they give them a chance of presenting their services and offers in a more tangible manner.

Building Trust

Every publication presents its author or publisher in a proficient manner. This proficiency stirs trust. The good reputation of the book as a medium of communication, as well as its ability to attract attention, are traits which also accompany an e-book. So, this good reputation also reflects on the publishing business and creates trust in its abilities. Another advantage of e-books and white papers is that they leave room for storytelling. This telling of stories prompts feelings, creates proximity to the reader, evokes sympathy and finally creates credibility, which strengthens the customer retention.

Lighthouse within the Content Strategy

E-books and white papers still have a rather exclusive character, since they are not seen as standard instruments in marketing and PR. Used in a cross medial content marketing strategy, they might even cause strong synergy effects through their lighthouse function. At the same time, the development of an e-book or white paper does not require a costly budget, which is a strong argument for the implementation of an e-book into your content marketing strategy.

E-Book Formats

There are different possible formats for the development of an e-book or white paper. An e-book in PDF format is usually used for the presentation of content on the internet, yet, it is not suited for e-book readers. Nevertheless, are you planning to publish your e-book online, possibly on your website, and mainly fill it with textual content, the PDF format is very sufficient. The most popular e-book format is EPUB, which is supported by most e-book readers and is recommended for e-book downloads. EPUB offers different formatting and multimedia add-ons. The Amazon Kindle uses its own format, the AZW.

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