Image Films – Popular Business Portraits

Image films are a popular advertisement for businesses and products. They generate a professional outward appearance, give insights into a business and its services, and furthermore present the benefits of a certain product. Video content puts a face to a company name and thereby inspires trust within the users. This online business card supports your brand and humanizes your firm. Especially in this huge, anonymous World Wide Web, entertaining and personal videos are highly valued by the users – as long as they are unobtrusively and bring across marketing messages in a descent manner. Therefore, image films should appear as natural and casual as possible. Professional business portraits depict your business, your fields of profession, your employees and special skills prominently. Hence, they manage to build a personal relationship between your firm and your existing as well as potential customers. Start the next level business presentation with professional image films.

Generate Interest and Raise the Level of Trust

Video content is very popular with internet users. Moving images, sound and text convey messages in a target group-specific, interesting, exciting and at the same time informative manner. Hence, businesses do not only profit from benefits like

  • a high search engine relevance,
  • an increased average dwell time on your own website and
  • a viral selling tool.

Videos give you the opportunity to answer your customers‘ most pressing questions concerning your business. Furthermore, they increase the value of your overall web page content, alongside with your texts, photos, pictures and infographics. Especially potential new customers have a strong desire for information about you and your business:

  • How trustworthy is this business?
  • Who is behind it?

Take your customers on a journey with a trust-creating image film or corporate film. A look behind the scenes gives an insight into the people behind a business’ website. Knowing who is behind a certain product or service is of growing importance for online shoppers, especially when considering a decision to purchase or contacting the customer service. An image film might even complement or replace an “About Us”-page.

Image Films within a Content Marketing Strategy

A positive outward presentation is a crucial factor for a successful content marketing. An image film is not only suited for embedding it on your own website: a YouTube channel might be another way of presenting your services and products and advertise yourself as an expert in your field of profession. Since videos are very popular with social networks, they tend to spread virally and raise both your business’ level of awareness and trust. Whether your video content is published on your YouTube channel or your Facebook page, as long as it is of good quality and appealing to your target group, an image video is always a great way of presenting yourself and your business.

You plan to present your business or products fashionably and professionally, in order to make it more tangible for your customers? We jointly create high quality image films with our video partners, which reach your target group emotionally or create a desire to buy for your products.

  • Drafting of your video: From rough ideas to high quality storyboards
  • Adjustment of new content to your content strategy
  • Creation of the raw version of your video
  • Production of your image film