Video Content: High-Class, exciting and viral

One of the most popular and most exciting forms of content is video content. Whether it is shot for a high-quality presentation of products, to underline competence in the B2B sector or to help customers to grasp your business – professionally created videos upgrade your whole content strategy. The advantages of video content are obvious: moving images do not only increase the time spent on your website, but also have a dynamic distribution potential on the World Wide Web.

Video Content – Ad Exemplum

textbest effectively translates your brand into moving pictures. The creative forms have no limits.

Adjusting Video Content to your Target Group

Video content can pursue different goals. It can explain a subject matter or usage, present a business or promote a product. Besides further video categories like music videos, exhibition reports and classic commercials,

  • business and image films,
  • video tutorials and
  • product videos

can easily be integrated into existing content strategies of various businesses. Whether it is used for the live presentation of a product, for the implementation of user input or for answering FAQ in a new way – video marketing allows addressing your target group in a unique manner and holds strong entertaining benefits.

Increase Awareness and Ranking

Videos should, like all other content measures, not only be used as an additional ranking instrument. It should rather attractively wrap the relevant website content and support it through exciting entertainment. In this way, you create content which will fascinate the user and thus evolve to a strong brand ambassador.

  • Integration of professional video content into your content strategy
  • Joint development of creative content
  • Generation of a story board in collaboration with our partner for high-class videos
  • Consultation and support during the process of publication and distribution of your video content