textbest: we design engaging content

Search engines seek to present users with the best possible results. Google and co. prefer rich content that offers users the desired information plus additional value. Each search engine request must be understood as a question from the customer. For you and your company, the best answer is: Content!

Content marketing has become an indispensable feature in marketing activities throughout the last years. High quality content with the potential to rank on Google’s first page is not only linked to high quality texts, but also multimedia content like illustrations and graphic designs, and animated content like videos. As your text agency for effective content, we expect to exceed your quality standards!

Texts: content marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Texts are the most important element in the informational content of a website. There are several aspects that matter when it comes to effective text content. Not only is it important for your content to be optimized for search engines, it must appeal to the users’ interests, for example with a blog article, product description, e-book, or editorial article. Moreover, it is crucial avoid duplicate content, meaning content within or across domains that is completely or substantially similar to other content. Duplicate content can be read by search engines and this may lead to a lower ranking of your website.

Our editorial department prioritizes the uniqueness of your texts and content. Whether you wish to obtain partial support for content creation or you plan to outsource all editorial tasks, textbest is your service partner for all content solutions.

Help your website content succeed with search engines

Regular content on your website with high value for readers helps to improve visibility and move your website up on Google’s ranking list. However, not every company has the capacity to create valuable content on a regular basis. As a text agency specialized in content marketing, we create content for you that users will love and search engines will favor!

Match your content with user expectations

An excellent content marketing strategy and high-quality texts will help your brand to engage with your audience. Understanding your target audience will shape the basics of your content creation and define your content. Be it a blog post, e-book, infographics, or product description, each content format should be useful to your target group, brand image and philosophy. textbest will create various content types for you according to your strategy and profile. If desired, we will also handle content management for you.

Visual content: vital to your online success

Content – in the form of your website, blog articles, news articles, or other texts – demands images. Content enriched with visuals gets more than 90 percent more views than content without images. Especially when it comes to social media, images are indispensable for your online success. Key messages can be easily spread and shared, and thus receive more attention.

Let visuals do the talking

Images and illustrations can do the talking for you. Visuals make your products tangible and understandable. Pictures also help to increase your sales and revenue. In sum, visual content builds your brand’s signals, helps your business reputation grow, and promotes engagement with your customers. If you are looking to improve your visual content, textbest is your partner of choice. We select and create visuals that best suit your company, and we also increase the output for SEO by adding relevant alt tags and descriptions to your images.

Video content for dynamic marketing

Video content is the perfect add-on for your content marketing mix. The key trick to make this an effective part of your strategy is to keep it timeless and simple, so that you don’t have to update every year.

High-quality videos also help to explain complex issues and programs. Moreover, video content can be useful when you want to expose your brand and company to a large audience, for example on YouTube. As with other content types, videos also have to fit into your overall marketing strategy. You have to find the right tone to appeal to your target group!

textbest develops creative content and storyboards for you. We also consult with you regarding the seeding process of your video. Would you like to learn more about textbest and our content services? Please call us or use the contact form! We would love to tell you more about content strategies, content creation, social media, and online PR.