Content Planning: Necessary Step preliminary to Content Production

Content planning is the first important step towards the implementation of a successful content strategy. This strategy has to be brought in line with the existing content and the corporate objectives. Without a specific plan for the implementation of the content strategy, the captured findings might get lost in the course of the daily business. A solid content planning does not only produce quick results, but also helps to effectively use your budget for the matching content measures. Thus, the implementation can be started at the point where it produces the greatest benefits.

Focus on the right Content

Effective content planning demands the research into your customer’s needs. What does the user need and what is he looking for? Which content formats are suitable to satisfy these needs? Now, it is about implementing the results of the strategic spadework and learning from the past. The preliminary user behavior on your website must always be taken into account during the phase of content planning. Many business owners don’t know that the user behavior can be illustrated with the help of web analysis information. This information can give answers concerning questions like:

  • How long does a user stay on a page or subdomain?
  • Which texts are the ones that drive most of the traffic?
  • How many users do actually open and read your newsletter?

All these analytic tools provide information about the behavior of your users and show which content they like. They will help you to find out which content “works” for your users and which doesn’t.

Content Planning: collect, filter and schedule Ideas

For a specific content planning, ideas have to be collected. This includes analyzing the existing content concerning the aspects mentioned above, and possibly optimizing some of it. The next step is to collect ideas for the promotion of your unique selling point as well as your services. At this point, it is very important to reflect on the expectations the users might have when visiting your website concerning the information and offers provided. Furthermore, the results of the keyword analysis are being imported at this point. Once the listing is completed, the keywords have to be put in order, filtered and possibly reduced to their cores. The last step is to note down all the findings, to plan the first steps and to set a time frame for future measures.

The textbest text agency supports you and your business with a thorough content planning, which we will jointly develop and adjust to the search behavior of your target group.

  • Analysis of your target group
  • Processing the results of your content and keyword strategy
  • Targeted implementation of your ideas into a content plan
  • Drawing up of editorial plans, which are being implemented during the content production