Keep your Website up to Date – with Blogs and News

The topicality of your website content is an important factor in several respects. Firstly, regular updates have a positive influence on search engine rankings. Secondly, current content always holds an added value for your readers, customers and the visitors of your webpage. News and blogs are the ideal tool for updating a website with new, up-to-date and high-quality content on a daily basis. That is why they are considered the secret content marketing stars. Businesses profit from daily news and an attractive blog because they give them the opportunity of presenting their skills, expertise and service values. Thereby, they can strengthen their brand, gain their potential customer’s trust and effectively create customer retention.

  • Daily news: topic research, copywriting, editorial work and implementation into your CMS
  • Blog articles: topic research, copywriting, editorial work and implementation into your CMS
  • Cross medial interconnection with Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Rank Better with Current Content

The more often a webpage is updated, the more often it is crawled by search engines. A website which is updated daily, is indexed every single day. Therefore, businesses should try to renew and update their internet presences regularly. Taking care of a webpage is of high importance for the online visibility of a business, especially when it is combined with the right choice of properly placed keywords. Hence, daily news and regular blog posts are a great option for updating your website.

Blogging: Creative Flagship on your Business Website

A business blog is an important marketing tool. When it is regularly filled with new content, it will stay interesting for the internet users. This holds strong benefits for the visitors of your website and can enable your corporate blog to become the flagship of your business. Whether it is business internal news or current topics and developments in your sector – a valuable blog always provides new and existing customers with substantial information. Compared to news articles, blogs can be more casual and funny. Subjective assessments can even stir some discussion among your readers in the comments to your blog. This way, a blog conveys competences in an entertaining and at the same time informative manner. Businesses can create their own online reputation and present themselves as experts in their field of expertise. Sharing content, which encourages users to comment and share, strengthens your business and reputation even further.

Advantages of a Corporate Blog:

  • Full control over the blog content
  • Various design options
  • Creating a possibility to find a content marketing niche and create new brands
  • The blog is business “property” and therefore acts as an unique selling point

The editorial effort for writing a blog is small, compared to its benefits. This does not only hold true for your search engine ranking and the numbers of clicks on your website, but also for improving your image, customer acquisition and customer retention. It has to be kept in mind, though, that blog content should neither be chosen randomly, nor should it give the impression of having been written carelessly. Interesting, exciting and up-to-date blog articles, which are specifically designed for an individual target group, will always make your corporate blog an important marketing instrument.

News: Unique, up-to-date and informative

Providing up-to-date information in order to raise the reader’s interest can best be done with a captive news portal. Interesting current information from the business sector provides recurring readers. Constantly changing content makes search engines believe that a webpage might be interesting for users, what results in a better search engine ranking. There is one requirement though: Your content has to be unique. Duplicate content will be punished by search engines and relegated to the rear ranking places. Not only the textual content does play a role in this matter, but the pictures and illustrations used in an article have to be as unique as the text itself. Furthermore, a news portal only holds benefits for a business if it provides relevant information for its target group.

High-Quality Content for your Social Media Channels

Regular blog and news articles can also be used for your social media work. By doing this, you will benefit from further interconnection and keep your Facebook and Twitter pages up to date.

textbest is your partner for regular blog and news articles for your business. We provide you with current, high-quality content which is matching your target group, is search engine optimized and can be implemented in any existing content management system.